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The global business arena is complex and forever changing. We approach every business transaction with a focus on integrity, advocacy, understanding, and respect for our business partners and host countries. Our reputation and history of success within the global arena has continued to grow since our company's founding.
EHD Group (EHD) facilitates cross-border trade by harnessing our far-reaching global resources and extensive local expertise through our network of subsidiaries, affiliates and partnerships.
Who We Are
We are dedicated to the success of our group, partners and clients. EHD Group is designed to align our businesses to deliver over land and sea: consultive resources, capital and capability to transact commerce in wide ranging differentiated and commodity transactions throughout EMEA markets.

EHD Group Subsidiaries
Affiliate Companies

Our sole purpose is to establish subsidiaries to monetize specific vertical business opportunities and provide the group with key shared services.

Our Affiliate Companies

Develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, integrates and supports FinTech, Business & Lifestyle Technologies and related services.

De Novo offers strategic customized end-to-end solutions to expand your business and maximize revenue by connecting you to opportunities through our subsidiaries.

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